Linoleum Flooring Cleaning

linoleum flooring cleaning

    linoleum flooring
  • Linoleum flooring is an excellent eco-friendly choice for today's flooring needs. Made from linseed oil, cork, natural resins, limestone and sawdust, Surdel Flooring has a wide selection of linoleum.

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linoleum flooring cleaning - RoboMaid Floor

RoboMaid Floor Sweeper

RoboMaid Floor Sweeper

Your time is valuable! Dusting floors can be such a chore. We may spend hours of our valuable time every week just keeping up with dusting. Now here's a solution that will save you an amazing amount of time. The RoboMaid sweeps all types of floor surfaces! The cordless RoboMaid slides silently across all of your floors picking up dirt, dust, lint and hair. It goes virtually anywhere including under tables and chairs. It changes directions automatically to keep working the entire floor surface. RoboMaid was first introduced in Europe and became an instant hit, selling at USD $60. It was awarded a patent for its innovative solution to dusting floors. The patented technology of the robotic ball combined with electro-static dusting pads enables this amazing machine to perform its tasks effectively. To use simply attach an electroStatic pad, set the cleaning time on the robotic ball, place it in the sweeper and watch RoboMaid automatically sweep your floors for you! The electro static pad attracts dirt and hair like a magnet. RoboMaid includes: RoboMaid sweeper robotic ball, built-in rechargeable battery, battery charger, and 8 electrostatic pads. This is the perfect way to clean all floor surfaces including wood, granite, marble, ceramic tile, and linoleum.

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Broom and Glass

Broom and Glass

Someone broke a bottle, someone brought a broom... but they forgot to clean up :) The cracked linoleum floor looked like a rug.

Another scene found in one of the houses in Bents, a ghost town In Saskatchewan.

clean kitchen floor

clean kitchen floor

after steaming, scraping linoleum (twice), removing adhesive, washing with murphy's oil soap, and scraping again, the subfloor is clean and ready for flooring.

linoleum flooring cleaning

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