Gun cleaning guide. Window cleaning il.

Gun Cleaning Guide

gun cleaning guide

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gun cleaning guide - Tipton Durable

Tipton Durable Aluminum Universal Bore Guide for Proper Rod Alignment, Easier...

Tipton Durable Aluminum Universal Bore Guide for Proper Rod Alignment, Easier...

The Tipton universal bore guide will help protect the bore and action of your rifle by properly aligning the cleaning rod and reducing solvent overflow. Cleaning without a bore guide can allow the rod to "bow" and rub or gouge chamber and throat of the bore causing real damage and loss of accuracy. Keeping the rod properly aligned not only protects your barrel, it directs the force exerted on the cleaning rod handle allowing tight patches to be pushed more easily.- Protects chamber and bore form damage- Ensures proper rod alignment for easier cleaning- Reduces solvent leakage into gun's action- Anodized aluminum tube for durability- Integrated solvent port- Fits most bolt action rifles and AR-15s- Inserts and secures into the bolt positionThree interchangeable tips cover most calibers from .17 to .460 note: The tips insert into the chamber and chamber dimensions do not directly correlate to bore diameter, select the tip that provides the best fit for any given cartridge.Small: most cartridges .17-.24 (up to 6mm)Medium: most cartridges .25-.30 (6.5mm- 7.62mm)Large: most cartridges over .30 (over7.62mm)Compatible with cleaning rods up to .425" diameter.

75% (13)

Universal Reciever Process

Universal Reciever Process

This is the inside of the Universal Receiver, that can be modified to fire most types of ammunition, whether it's shotgun shells, 9mm, or .50cal rounds. The magazine is inserted into the stock, to help make the weapon shorter. Numerous types of grips and other parts can be added for as much variety as possible. (to see it more clearly, view it fullsized)

Fig1: Squeezing the trigger raises the piston, forcing air down on the bullet and the spring.

Fig2: The piston is at full height, and the little guide wheel is leading the bullet into the spring loader.

Fig3: The bullet is loaded and the tip activates a small switch. A new bullet is prepped.

Fig4: The piston pushes down, releasing the spring which drives the bullet upward. It also creates a small vacuum, holding the other bullet in place momentarily.

Fig5: The bullet is loaded into the breach.

Fig6: The round is fired as the piston lowers, and the gas created helps lower the spring, and get the new bullet ready.

Fig7: The round is fired and the casing ejected. The gas made helps push the spring down in time.

Fig8: The process repeats itself.

The last image is of the receiver without the magazine inserted. You might think this is hard to clean, but hold the weapon vertically, and insert a pressurized water/air source into the breach, and all fragments should come out the magazine port. The receiver can do well in water. It can fire at 600 rounds per minute. Theres is little to no recoil since all the energy is directed down.

I've got the blues...

I've got the blues...

/^\Living With Defects/^\

These antiaircraft gun bursts are all too high.

"White on Black and Blue" or "I'm all black and blue"

Anyone recognize this? I've got a case of the blues, really the black and blues. Dust on a sealed sensor... Does anyone have a step by step guide to disassembling and reassembling a Canon Elph point and shoot camera? That would enable or allow me to clean the sensor.

I's time to retire this Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS Elph camera, unless someone can tell me how to take it apart to clean the sensor. It's useless for sky shots!


gun cleaning guide

gun cleaning guide

UAG Mosin Nagant 2-7x32 Long Eye Relief Scope + New Generation Weaver Rail Mount + Scope Rings+ Lens Covers+Lens Cleaning Kit

Official UAG Mosin Nagant 2-7x32 Long Eye relief scope and mount package. Includes the 2-7x32 Duplex Reticle Long Eye Relief scope, Mosin Nagant Weaver Mount, mounting hardware, rings, lens cleaning kit, and lens covers. The scope is Nitrogen filled, fogproof, shock proof to withstand and perfrom under the highest recoil, and water resistant. Features a duplex reticle for sharper aiming points and a clear and bright field of view. Lenses are multi coated blue for lowlight conditions and is fully adjustable for windage and elevation click adjustments. Includes see through lens covers, deluxe cleaning kit, as well as Premium "QD" 7/8 weaver scope rings. The included Mosin Nagant mount fits most Mosin Nagant rifles including most Russian-Polish-Chinese-Hungarian models M44, 91-30, M91-30 as well as various 30's- 7.62x54R Carbines. Approximately 6.61" long, this mount is made from high grade aircraft aluminum with a black anodized finish and will give you a WEAVER/ PICATINNY 7/8" rail mounting platform for your included UAG MOSIN NAGANT SCOPE or other weaver based scopes-sights-lasers-lights. Easy Installation

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