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Sunshine Cleaning Free Movie

sunshine cleaning free movie

    sunshine cleaning
  • Sunshine Cleaning is a 2009 dramedy film starring Amy Adams and Emily Blunt. Directed by Christine Jeffs and written by Megan Holley, the film premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival on January 18, 2008.

  • a form of entertainment that enacts a story by sound and a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement; "they went to a movie every Saturday night"; "the film was shot on location"

  • Motion pictures generally or the motion-picture industry

  • A movie theater

  • A film, also called a movie or motion picture, is a story conveyed with moving images. It is produced by recording photographic images with cameras, or by creating images using animation techniques or visual effects. The process of filmmaking has developed into an art form and industry.

  • A story or event recorded by a camera as a set of moving images and shown in a theater or on television; a motion picture

  • M.O.V.I.E. is a video game written by Dusko Dimitrijevic for the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC and was published by Imagine Software in 1986.

  • able to act at will; not hampered; not under compulsion or restraint; "free enterprise"; "a free port"; "a free country"; "I have an hour free"; "free will"; "free of racism"; "feel free to stay as long as you wish"; "a free choice"

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  • With the sheets eased

174/365 : 'Plain Jane : Peroxide Blonde'

174/365 : 'Plain Jane : Peroxide Blonde'

"Gargantuan". You know, I've always liked that word "gargantuan", I so rarely have the opportunity to use it in a sentence. ~Kill Bill 2

When I moved out on my own at 20, I had to get a second job to make ends meet. Weekdays from 9 to 5, I worked in an office. On Saturdays, I would clean my flat and eat froot loops for dinner. The best day was Sunday. From 10am to 5pm, I worked in a video store. It was the best job I have ever had. I had the best boss, but the best thing about it was I could borrow up to 10 movies a week for free. Needless to say, I was in heaven. That job paid for my petrol and groceries and I spent no money on entertainment.

I've always been a big fan of movies. The first movie I ever remember seeing was with Jackie Chan in the mid-80's, I remember going with my Aunts. Back then in the Phils, you only had to buy one ticket and you could stay in the theater for as long as you wanted - the same movie would just loop again. That's where kids who truanted from school hung out...

In movies, I'm a fan of Femme Fatales. There's something so awesome about women who kick butt. Today's 365 was inspired by Quentin Tarantino, who started his career as video store clerk. I have 19 days left of my final uni holidays. I've already got my uni schedule, not much longer left. So, I gotta fit as many movies in, as I can.

If you're into movies, here are a few of my recommendations:

1.) Kill Bill 1&2
2.) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
3.) Pulp Fiction
4.) Amelie
5.) Stranger than Fiction
6.) Thank you for Smoking
7.) Frida
8.) Hero (by Zhang Yimou)
9.) V for Vendetta
10.) Clerks
11.) Y Tu Mama Tambien
12.) Volver

There are hundreds, but this will do for now :o) Here's to minimum wage and overdosed imagination.

The Year in Ticket Stubs.

The Year in Ticket Stubs.

I scanned all my ticket stubs from the year 2009. Looks like a weird skyscraper. Included in this image:

- Sunshine Cleaning
- I Love You, Man
- Gran Torino
- Taken
- Doubt
- Adventureland
- Watchmen
- Watchmen (IMAX)
- Last Chance Harvey
- Defiance
- Slumdog Millionaire
- The Hangover
- Up (3D)
- Rachel Getting Married
- Frost/Nixon
- The Wrestler
- The Informant!
- Inglourious Basterds
- Away We Go
- The Brothers Bloom
- Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
- Extract
- Funny People
- Public Enemies
- Star Trek
- 9
- District 9
- The Hurt Locker
- Year One
- State of Play
- Sherlock Holmes
- Pirate Radio
- The Fantastic Mr. Fox
- The Men Who Stare At Goats
- Law-Abiding Citizen
- Toy Story 1 & 2 (3D)
- The Invention of Lying
- Avatar (IMAX 3D)
- 2012
- Invictus
- Everybody's Fine
- Rifftrax Live: Christmas Shorts-stravaganza!
- Up in the Air
- It's Complicated
- The Road
- Where the Wild Things Are
- Zombieland
- A Christmas Carol (IMAX 3D)

Theaters represented: Virginia Aquarium, Regal MacArthur 18, Cinemark Military Circle, AMC Lynnhaven 18, Regal Pembroke 8, and Regal Columbus 12.

The movies I saw at early screenings for free (Terminator: Salvation, 500 Days of Summer, and an additional The Fantastic Mr. Fox) are not represented, as they yielded no ticket stubs.

sunshine cleaning free movie

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